Javier del Pino

Dr. Javier del Pino

Quantum condensed matter theory
Institute for theoretical physics
HIT K 42.2
Wolfgang-Pauli-Str. 27
8093 Zürich

Short CV

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Research Interests

  • Topological and many-body physics in artificially-engineered systems
    • Optomechanical networks in synthetic dimensions
    • Parametrically driven oscillator networks and Kerr nonlinearities
    • Non-Hermitian dynamics and emerging topological phases
    • Applications of non-reciprocal transport and thermodynamics in bosonic systems
    • Dynamical gauge fields and many-body topological phases
  • Strong light-matter interactions
    • Hybrid light-matter states in cavity quantum electrodynamics: exciton- and vibro-polaritons in organic molecules
    • Tensor Network aided simulations of variational ground states and dynamical evolution
    • Ultrafast dynamics of exciton polaritons in molecular systems
    • Spectroscopic signatures and applications of hybrid-light matter states
  • Machine Learning applications in Quantum Optics and Condensed Matter Physics